About Us

Sandie Corr-Dolby RN-BC CCM

Sandie is a registered nurse with nearly twenty years of experience developing and supervising programs for elders with acute, chronic and progressive health and emotional concerns. Sandie has designed programs for home safety, health maintenance and improved quality of life for elders in residential, assisted living or a nursing home setting. Sandies nursing background includes Board Certification as Care Manager, and as a Pain Management Specialist. She has Certificates in Gerontology, Advanced Adult Health Assessment, Psychopharmacology and Congestive Heart Failure. Sandie has also worked extensively in the areas of wound/burn management, end of life and palliative care, case management for elders and those with disabilities.

Beth A Toomey MA CMHC

Beth is a Masters prepared Clinical Mental Health Counselor. She has more than thirty years of experience working in public safety, sixteen of those years as an Executive Public Safety Administrator. Beth is an experienced behaviorist with a Certificate in Gerontology. She has also worked as a coordinator of elder care for a home health agency managing an extensive contract with the Executive Office of Elder Affairs. This position required her to manage the care of more than 200 elders each day in a variety of settings such as independent residential living, congregate elder housing and assisted living. Beth brings to Horizons her experience in individual and family counseling, addiction counseling, short and long range planning, emergency preparedness, mediation and case management.